ASM Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognises exceptional service of, or contributions by, individuals to microbiology and the ASM over a sustained period of time.

Individual ASM members, Committees or Branches, may nominate individual ASM members or organisations for a Distinguished Service Award.

Posthumous awards will be considered.

Distinguished Service Awards will be announced and presented at the ASM Annual General Meeting and the ASM Annual Scientific Meeting.

Eligibility Requirements

Nominees must have been a member of the Society for at least five consecutive years and currently must be a financial member.

Application Requirements

A person shall not be considered for a Distinguished Service Award unless the National Office has received from the proposers:

  • a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s proposer/s summarising and confirming involvement in and exceptional contributions to the discipline and/or practice of microbiology and to the Society, together with information attesting to the high personal and professional standards of conduct of the candidate. This letter should be signed by both the proposer and the seconder and their email addresses included.
  • a complete curriculum vitae together with a condensed summary and photograph suitable for publication in Microbiology Australia.

Nominations should be sent to the National Office Manager (

Conditions of the Award

No more than ten Distinguished Service Awards shall be awarded in any one year.


The Executive Committee will review the nominations received and place those considered acceptable in order merit.

The Executive Committee will present a summary report on nominations received and the names of up to ten recommended awardees to National Council.

Persons or organisations nominated for Distinguished Service Awards who were considered by the Executive Committee to be acceptable and of sufficient merit but who, due to award number limits, were not recommended to Council in that year, will be automatically included in the nominations for the following year. This process shall be repeated for a maximum of three years. At the end of this three year period, a fresh nomination will be required if consideration is to be continued.

Closing Date for nominations: March 31st of any year

Acknowledgement: An acknowledgement will be emailed within 5 business days of receiving your application - if this has not been received, please contact the ASM National Office - Tel: 1300 656 423

Previous Award Winners


Charlene Kahler, WA
Ruth Hall, NSW/ACT
Chris Burke, TAS


Chris Ossowicz, SA/NT
Danilla Grando, VIC
Fran Morey, SA/NT
Sue Coloe, VIC 


Andrew Butcher
Louise Roddam
Mohammed Katouli
David Dickeson, 
Harsha Sheorey
Diane Lightfoot


Stephen Davis


Peter Timms & Sylvia Kirov 

William Crozier & Peter Traynor

Sue Cornish, Enzo Palombo, Tony Marshall & Hatch Stokes

Pat Blackall, Ailsa Hocking, Keryn Christiansen, Lee Smyth, Robyn Wood & Tony Della-Porta

Julian Rood

Janine Elliott & Trevor Duxbury

Lyn Gilbert

Adran Lee

Helen Roberts & Jan Lanser

John Mackenzie & Derk Groo-Obbink

Joan Eyles

Lorraine Broussard

Kerry Cox

John Finlay-Jones & Valerie Asche & John Pitt

Peter Wood

Ian Cheyen & Ian Griffith

H Geoffrey Stevens