Application for Fellowship – FASM

Eligibility Criteria

Members eligible to apply to for Fellowship (FASM) must:

  • A financial MASM member of ASM at the time of applying for the fellowship
  • At least 10 years' experiance in the field of microbiology

Required Supporting Documents

The following documents must accompany this application. 

☐ Curriculum Vitae 

☐ Details of your tertiary and other relevant qualifications, including date awarded MASM

☐ A statement of your experience, on a year-to-year basis, as a practising professional microbiologist 

☐ A list of your major publications

☐ Names, addresses, telephone, fax and email of three referees; (at least two must be external to your own department) 

Examination Structure

The Exam comprises of three parts, which are:

Part 1:  Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions: General microbiological knowledge;

Part 2:  Written Essay Questions: In depth knowledge in the area of interest;

Part 3:  Written Review Article: Literature review, monograph or collection of published  papers which demonstrate extensive and up-to-date knowledge in a specific area of microbiology.

The National Examinations Board will assess your application and determine the extent of the examination process which will apply to you. After your application has been reviewed by the Board you will be advised of the extent of the examination process which you are to undertake.