Application for Professional Member - MASM

Eligibility Criteria

Members eligible to apply to become a Professional Member (MASM) must:

  • Have completed the requirements of an academic qualification in microbiology at bachelor’s degree or post-graduate level acceptable to National Council. Other under-graduate awards of less than three (3) years full-time study are not acceptable.
  • Has satisfactorily completed two years of postgraduate work to advance the discipline of microbiology.

Required Supporting Documents

The following documents must accompany this application. 

☐ Confirmation declaration from a referee who is a MASM or FASM financial member of the society. Please submit the filled in template to the right of the screen with your application.

☐ Curriculum Vitae which should include, if applicable, details such as:

  • Microbiology content of under-graduate courses;
  • Title and abstract of thesis;
  • Job appointments and work experience;
  • Current duty statement as a practicing microbiologist;
  • List of publications and presentations.

☐ Academic Records – if you have graduated within the past five years you must provide:

  • Copies of official academic records.

If you have graduated more than five years ago, you must provide:

  • Copies of award certificates; or
  • Statutory Declaration detailing the awards, conferencing institutions and dates conferred;

Overseas Qualification

Applicants with overseas qualifications will need to also provide a NOOSR assessment that their education qualifications are equivalent to Australian university degrees (this can be done online or by state and territory Overseas Qualifications Units (OQUs)