A New Pathway to FASM

Posted by Prof Julian I Rood FASM, Chair, ASM National Examinations and Qualifications Board on 30 May 2017 | Comments

I am delighted to announce that ASM has now put into place a new streamlined pathway to FASM for highly qualified applicants in all fields of microbiology.

Why did we need a new pathway to FASM?

FASM should be the ultimate ASM accolade for highly qualified Australian microbiologists, irrespective of their specific professional role. The strength and quality of our list of FASMs is the most obvious indication of the national and international microbiological standing of our society. However, many of our most highly regarded microbiologists are not FASMs, including many Professors, senior NHMRC and ARC Research Fellows, senior teaching academics and managers of large microbiology laboratories. These individuals do not need the FASM qualification to advance their careers, but ASM needs them to be FASMs to strengthen our society. Therefore, it is in ASM’s best interest to streamline the FASM application process for such highly qualified individuals.

What are the details of this pathway to FASM?

The new pathway only applies to

(a) Senior microbiologists who have published 50 or more papers in the broad field of microbiology or who have been awarded senior NHMRC or ARC fellowships, or their equivalent, to conduct research in the broad field of microbiology.

(b) Senior microbiologists who have demonstrated academic excellence in the teaching of microbiology; for example, by being promoted to Associate Professor as a teaching-focussed or teaching-only academic.

(c) Senior professional microbiologists who can demonstrate that they are already responsible for managing a major microbiology laboratory.

Such applicants simply need to submit their curriculum vitae, which must include a list of refereed publications and other relevant information, for subsequent NEQB approval of the award of FASM. 


Note that the traditional pathway to FASM is still place for other applicants and that irrespective of the application process there are no longer any fees associated with a FASM application.


For further information click the Membership/ASM Fellowship tabs on the ASM website (http://www.theasm.org.au/)