Retirement of Professor Chris Baggoley – a fond farewell to a friend and colleague

Posted by on 27 July 2016 | Comments

On 15 July this year, Professor Chris Baggoley stepped down from his position as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Australia – a position he held for more than five years.

Professor Baggoley was an extremely effective CMO, who during his term of office had to deal with health crises ranging from silicone breast implants to Middle-East respiratory syndrome (MERS CoV), Ebola and Zika. Chris’s international profile is evidenced by his appointment as Chair of the WHO Emergency Committee on Middle-East respiratory syndrome, and as a member of the WHO Emergency Committee on Ebola and the International Agency on Research on Cancer.

Apart from dealing with major health emergencies, Chris made important contributions to Australia’s long-term health goals as a strong advocate for immunisation and strategies to deal with antimicrobial resistance.

Chris has been a good friend of the ASM. His friendly attitude and genuine interest endeared him to many of our student members. Chris recently gave an excellent public lecture as part of our Annual Scientific Meeting in Perth. This lecture clearly illustrated Chris’s great depth of experience, humility and composure, which made him such an effective CMO.

The ASM congratulates Chris on his outstanding period of service. We thank him for his many important contributions to improving the health of all Australians, and wish him all the best for the future.