Linda Blackall

Linda Louise Blackall has been a Professor at Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia since February 2014. She has a strong international reputation in the field of biological wastewater treatment, marine and coral microbiology, mammalian microbiomes and molecular method development in microbial ecology. She has gained several million Australian $ in competitive R&D 2000-2015. The Web of Science lists 154 peer-reviewed, international journal articles with Linda as an author (the majority as lead author) and more than 44 of these have greater than 50 citations. The average number of citations for her articles is 50, her “h-index” is 47, and the total number of citations is 7708. (13th April, 2015). Her research metrics can be obtained from Google Scholar.1992-2007 Academic (2003 Professor) at University of Queensland, Australia.2008-2010 Professor and Foundation Team leader Understanding Marine Microbes and Symbioses, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville, Australia.In 2001, Linda won the prestigious Frank Fenner Research Award from the Australian Society for Microbiology, in 2004 she was the Lisa Meitner Visiting Professor, Lund University, Sweden (Biotechnology and Water Engineering) and in 2005, she won the Ardern-Lockett award from the International Water Association for lifetime contributions to wastewater research.