The Bacteriophage Biology & Therapeutics (BBT) Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to promote Australian bacteriophage research through; building collaborations, organising national and international meetings, providing support for early career phage resear

Jeremy Barr is a bacteriophage microbiologist within the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University. Jeremy moved into his position at Monash in 2016 following post-doctoral studies within the laboratory of Prof. Forest Rohwer at San Diego State University, USA. During his post-doc he investigated the interactions of bacteriophage with the human body and proposed that phage provide a non-host-derived layer of immunity applicable to all mucosal surfaces. Prior to this, he completed his PhD in 2011 at The University of Queensland with Philip Bond and Gene Tyson. At Monash University, his lab investigates the diverse and surprising ways bacteriophages interact with the human body and the microbiome.

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