New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory State Branch

Welcome to the NSW/ACT State Branch!

 The NSW/ACT branch is made up of the following people:


Slade Jensen Chair Western Sydney University
Tim Newsome Secretary University of Sydney
Jim Manos Treasurer University of Sydney
Mitchell Brown Chair-elect Westmead Hospital
Nicholas Coleman   University of Sydney
Ruth Hall   University of Sydney
Christopher Harmer   University of Sydney
Thomas Jeffries   Western Sydney University
Maurizio Labatte   University of Technology Sydney
Kaitlin Tagg   Westmead Hospital
Thiru Vanniasinkam   Charles Sturt University
William Klare   University of Sydney
Martina Sanderson-Smith   University of Wollongong
Andrew Robinson   University of Wollongong
Reena Ghildyal   University of Canberra
Bobby Dimitrijovski   Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Karen Vickery   Macquarie University
Belinda Chapman   Quantal Bioscience
Jai Tree   University of New South Wales
Monica Stelmach   Concord Hospital


Regular Meetings



New Year Kick-off Meeting February
BD/ASM Student Awards Night March/April
Clinical Special Interest Groups Throughout the Year
CSM/SIG's "          "
Parasitology, Mycology and other SIG's "          "
AGM August/September
Christmas Party November/December
Visiting Speakers Throughout the Year
Other Miscellaneous Events: ie. trivia nights, etc. "          "