South Australian/Northern Territory State Branch

Welcome to the South Australian/Northern Territory State Branch

 The SA NT State Branch is made up of the following people:



Dr Stephen Kidd Chairperson (LOC Tri-State)
Mr Paul Sideris  Secretary (LOC Tri-State)
Mr Chris Ossowicz Treasurer (LOC Tri-State)
Mr Dabah Moukachar Scientific Meetings Convenor
SA NT Visiting Speaker Coordinator
Ms Fran Morey NT Representative
Ms Helena Ward EdSIG SA/NT Representative
Mr Matthew Macowan (University of Adelaide) Student Representative
Ms Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich (University of SA)  Student Representative Social Media
Ms Jenny Singh (Flinders University) Student Representative
Social Media
Mr Peter Traynor Committee Member (LOC Tri-State)
Mr Katharina Richter Committee Member
Mr Andrew Lawrence Committee Member
Ms Andrea McWhorter Committee Member
 Mr Gary Smith  Committee Member
Prof Melissa Brown Committee MemberAmerican ASM Australian Ambassador

Regular Meetings



ASM Student Awards Night February
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory Updates April/May
SA/NT AGM Dinner July/August
Microbiology Research Updates September/October
SA/NT Christmas and End of Year Celebrations November/December
TriState (SA, NT, WA) Scientific Meeting Every 3 years in NT. Next due - 2017
Visiting Speakers Throughout the year