Oonagh Bodin - Signing out

Posted by on 31 August 2016 | Comments

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The end of August is upon us (where is this year disappearing to?!) which means the end of my blogging and tweeting period is here and its time to pass over the reins to the next ASM Communication ambassador!

I've had a great time this month and have spoken to some amazing microbiologists at varying levels in their careers, lab heads, post-docs and PhDs, from a variety of institutes, studying a range of microbial aspects! From here onwards i'll be powering on with my PhD. Im in the final stages and have what feels like an endless amount of writing to do in the form of chapters and papers but the end is near and hopefully soon in the future there will be a Dr Oonagh Bodin graduating from LTU ^_^

Thank you for having me and I hope I have lived up to the reputation of my past ambassadors! If you want to keep following my research and PhD journey you can follow me on my Twitter page @XOonaghBodin. You can also check out my Linkedin page HERE.